The How And Why

Protection that's quickly deployable.

     People have tried a lot of different methods looking for an ideal way to protect their tripods in harsher conditions and environments. We've seen everything from trash bags and twist ties to leather covers with elastic suspenders. While some of these ideas may have offered protection, most were either too inconvienent or bulky/heavy to carry or too slow to deploy. Both hinderances often times are enough to keep someone from using them at all when actually in the field. If the product takes too long to use, doesnt do the job it was designed to do well, or becomes a hassle to bring with you it just isnt going to work out in the long run and becomes gear in the closet that never sees the light of day. The unfortunate part is, even if the product didnt work out for what ever reason, the original problem of protecting your gear still remains and a solution for it is still needed.

     Photographers find themselves in literally a whole world of different shooting locations and when you're out there wandering about the environments and conditions you find yourself in can be very unpredictable. In these random environments one must be prepared to deal with water, mud, snow, rocks, sand, spray, salt, dirt, sludge, grass, gravel and even the sun. Any and all of these can damage, destroy, or beat up a tripod over time. This can limit your abilities to get the shot youre after or lead you to replacing your tripod prematurely.

Compact and convienent.
     With Tripod Covers's set of tripod leg protectors you get a complete solution designed to be easy to carry, weigh very little and store unnoticeably in your camera case or backpack, yet still be quick to unfold, roll out, slip onto your tripod legs and run out to get that shot no matter what the conditions are! Weighing in at less than 3.5oz and folding up to a mere 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" package, it's a solution you can take with you whereever you go and use whenever you need it. They are made of a very strong 6 mil, 3" wide, clear polutubing, impulse sealed on one end making it water and air tight, includes Velcro ties run through cutouts at the top of each protector all bundled together with a rubber band. They can be unrolled and installed onto any tripod in under 30 seconds and are wide enough to accomodate a makority of tripod legs on the market today. We custom cut them to the length you specify so they are sure to be a good fit for your tripod. These are just too convienent and useful NOT to have in your bag! Check out the Order Page for purchasing details.