Protect Your Investment

Shoot without worry!

     A tripod support system is a foundation for everything you photograph. With the added stability owning one brings comes increased sharpness in your photographs, vibration control in your timed exposures, the ability to have the camera operate in a hands-off fashion and much more. As this stability is beneficial in nearly all types of photography, a tripod support system has to be able to function in all environments and elements. Herein lies the problem. Not all tripods are created equal and while one may provide a solid platform from which to take photographs it may not be designed to handle the rugged terrain of the location. Under these circumstances it can be very beneficial to add protection to your tripod to ensure that it continues to function like the day you bought it and lasts you a lifetime.

Protection from the elements.
     In addition to the obvious benefits of protecting your tripod legs from water, sand, rocks, mud and dirt some enjoy keeping their gear looking like the day it was bought. Maintaining that "brand new look" standard when using a tripod support setup can be difficult. Figuring out how to do so without making it too inconvenient to use can be a frustrating battle. It was well understood that if the solution wasn't quick, convient and easy to use, it would end up being more of a hinderance than a benefit. That is why it was necessary to develop a quickly deployable, light weight to carry, compact to be portable, and inexpensive method to add protection for whatever circumstances you might find yourself shooting in and to keep your proud investment looking and functioning like new.

     It was decided that a solution to these concerns had to be made. For these reasons and many more our universal tripod leg protectors were created and we are proud to make them available to all!